Shelf project…finished…

Even moving into a new home there are projects to be done. My husband and I both work from home, which is awesome. He’s a tech guy for Lockheed and I am a paralegal for a firm in Denver. He doesn’t ask for much and with that in mind, he got the full-sized office in the front of the house when we moved in. I took the “tech center” at the back of the house between the kitchen and my workout room. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful space and I don’t mind it one bit. I picked the counter tops and the cabinetry and it’s very feminine overall, but it’s not a huge space…and I have “stuff”. Mostly books and journals. They’ve been piling up all over my counter tops since we moved in and I was finally feeling totally overwhelmed, so I decided to add shelves much like we did in the kitchen of our former home. However, this time, I made them feel a little more modern, a little more coastal than farmhouse, I think.

I took pine 1×10’s and stained them first with driftwood (a nice, warm brown) and then over that I stained them classic gray which added a washed oak feel almost, similar to our coffee table (which I love, btw).

Here’s the project in stages — all the way to the finished product. (Remember my space isn’t huge so getting a great shot of them showing the size and all is pretty tricky — these were taken with my phone)…

Literally couldn’t be happier!

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