Before & After Photos

October 2016 – Weight: 273, not my heaviest, but close.
January 1, 2017 — 286.2 – my highest weight on record.
group pick
This is a picture of my favorite group of peeps.  Good friends sharing our love and belief in Christ together — it’s our holiday party from December 2016.  I am at my heaviest here and so uncomfortable in my body.  My friend, Mike posted this picture on Facebook and I gasped…I take myself by surprise sometimes.  I had no idea I was as big as I was…I’m so thankful for second chances.
November 14, 2017 — down 57 pounds in 3 months (228.6 pounds)
new me
Finally bought some gym clothes that fit my new body!  Helps my brain wrap itself around a smaller me!  Around 215 pounds here
Loved this hot little red number I picked up…in a size 14! Whoot Whoot (April 2018) (197 pounds)
July 2018 – 189.4 lbs.
Christmas 2019 – Size 10
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