img_1821Hello.  I’m Shay.  This blog is the place I will come to record my spiritual journey as well as my health-related goals; healthy weight, healthy lifestyle, just plain old healthy.

Over the last several years I have moved from being a practicing Mormon to embracing the Grace provided to us through Jesus Christ.

I have also struggled with weight issues and food issues my entire life.  I mean my ENTIRE life.  My earliest memory is when I was about four.  I remember my parents being very loud…they fought a lot back then…I was scared.  I remember heading to the kitchen, well, sneaking to the kitchen and grabbing some chips and then slinking back to my room and eating in my closet.  I didn’t have other tools in my toolbox.  Food was always there.  And I continued sneaking food throughout my life.  I’m ready to stop that.  That need to hide.  To binge.  To control.

2017 was a year of self-exploration and changing habits.  It was also the year God empowered me to seek a surgeon and to move forward with weight loss surgery.  -100 pounds later and I have come to understand He was not only restoring my health because it was what was needed, but He knew I had a bigger fight just up ahead.

In September 2018 I was diagnosed with minimally invasive, ductal carcinoma in situ — breast cancer.  By the grace of God, and through the support of my family, friends, and a killer medical team, I beat the disease!!

This blog  will be raw at times and boring at times I’m sure…but you’re invited to come along.  I hope you will.

~ Shay

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