Wonderful weekend…

I had the most amazing weekend. My friend, Jennifer, dropped in for a visit from Denver. It was the most “normal” I’ve felt since probably before my diagnosis.

I met Jennifer at work probably six years ago when she became an executive assistant for one of our C-Suite executives. She was the youngin’ of our very small group (which at the time consisted of Randi, myself and Jenn) but she was wicked smart, well traveled, and so so nice. I took to her right away and once I got her to go out to lunch with me, we’ve never looked back.

Over the last six years, we’ve been through all sorts of adventures — from job changes to Jenn embarking on her Masters, sharing our hopes and dreams along the way.

When Jennifer mentioned wanting to come visit, I admit, I was a little giddy. I thrive on social time and I was so ready for a break from real life. The time arrived before we knew it.

The best part about her visit was how low-key it was. Jennifer is in school and working a new-er job at AMC — she asked that I not over schedule the trip with activities. So…I didn’t. That’s a first for me. Other than a few small things I didn’t plan a thing…and it was awesome. We had a few nice lunches out, drove around to show her the area, hit downtown briefly, and spent time in our home. Frank and Kenzie really enjoyed their time with Jennifer as well. But I think the one who enjoyed her the most was Archie. Jennifer, like me, is a dog person. And Archie sniffed that out in a second. In fact, Jennifer was so great with him showering him with so much attention, he was a big pain Monday after she left. I literally couldn’t sit down without him on me for a belly rub.

Jennifer left on Monday and I caught up on work. Monday night was “Ladies Night” at our church. It’s where we gather together for some desserts, a lesson (which was on forgiveness — amazing and powerful — Robyn is such an amazing teacher) and then the introduction of the bible studies offered for the spring session.

Tammy and I are hosting “Seamless”, which is one of my all-time favorite studies. It really shows how the bible is one seamless story. I can’t wait to share it with our ladies.

I feel truly blessed to have found my church home. One of the recent blessings has been Beth (gal in the middle). Beth was in our class last semester. She was a little shy at first, but the more she spoke up and gave her input into what we were studying the more I was impressed. Not just by her knowledge and understanding of the Word, but just by her thoughtfulness and authenticity when she shared. Beth has become a fast friend. She’s comfortable, kind, smart, and a strong believer. She checks in on me during the week out of the blue and it always makes me smile. I’m usually the one who checks in on others. I feel so blessed to have met her and she’s definitely one of the wonderful gifts I’ve received since moving to the South.

Not much more to report. Thursday night I am hosting Bunko for the girls in the neighborhood. I’m excited about that. Should be a good time for sure.

One Reply to “Wonderful weekend…”

  1. This is being Blessed beyond measure.
    I celebrate that you are C free. Have a long list of friends fighting that battle
    So you inspire me to encourage them.
    Have a great week.
    Hope to see u on Fri
    Joy and Peace

    Joy and Peace,



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