Back on track…

A few years back, in my unhealthier days, I decided to jump on the fad-wagon and complete a “Whole30”. I cannot imagine the majority of people don’t have some idea what that entails so I won’t bore you here spelling it all out, but basically, it’s an elimination diet — as in eliminate dairy, alcohol, legumes, grains and sugars for 30 days.

Mind you, I said 30 days — not for the rest of my life, not until I die…just for a month.

It doesn’t purport to be a weight loss plan (though I lost pounds when I tried this the first time around for sure). It’s intention, I believe, is to repair one’s relationship with food. And that it does very, very well.

Before my bout with cancer the last few months of last year, I had broken the -100 pounds lost barrier weighing in at 183.6 at my lowest. That was the day before surgery, October 30, 2018. Post-surgery, during recovery I discovered that I needed (or wanted) some comfort and so I indulged a bit — bread, chocolate, candy, comfort foods. A little here, a little there. And boy that tasted good.

Once “recovered” I started radiation therapy. Every morning, five days a week. Let me tell you — the side effect of radiation is being tired. I mean really, really tired. After two weeks I could not make it through the day without a serious nap in the afternoon. The last week and for two weeks after I didn’t even work — I was literally too tired to think clearly or analytically at least and I definitely wasn’t working out. My dip into the M&M tornado was fast and furious and before I knew it, January 1, 2019 I weighed 194.7. It’s not just the weight – the number – it’s how I look and feel. I’m feeling jiggly again. I’m feeling sluggish and out of shape. I worked so hard for so long to be in decent shape and I felt like I was letting it slip away.

Whoa — if that wasn’t the old me rearing her negative head?! I had to take a moment to remind myself who I have become. That this isn’t happening TO me…I have options and choices. I chose to induldge, my health dictated that I sit around for a season, but this isn’t the end of the story. All is not lost.

So I pulled up my big girl pants and made a plan. I would follow Whole30 to reaquaint myself with food and healthy options. Lean meat, fish, vegetables, frutis and healthy fats. I would balance that with movement. Nothing crazy — just reintroducing myself to the gym and consistance. I am a member of Beach Body on Demand and they have a PiYo program that looked challenging and fun. I started on Monday and so far so good. I’m also walking again on the treadmill I started managing my eating last week and officially started Whole30 on Monday.

Now let me preface by saying I’m not following it to the letter. I know what it can do for my body — I am not in “first time through” mode. I am using it to remove the direct sugars and my dependence on bread for the most part and on day 4 I already feel so much better. I am allowing myself a weekly weigh in to gauge my progress in getting to my first goal (175) and when I arrive I’ll determine how I feel and if I want to continue losing or if I want to hang out and maintain for a while. This morning I weighed 188.4. I can feel all the nastiness I put in my body washing away. I’m sleeping better, more soundly, my cravings have subsided and my headaches are back under control.

I guess the lesson for me here is that I am literally driving the car. I can choose to let a detour derail me entirely and throw in the towel or I can hunker down and practice my word for the year in all areas of my life — self-control. I choose the latter.

No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.

Hebrews 12:11 NLT

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