It’s a good day…

Today is a good day. I revel in these days. I feel rested overall. My mind is in a good place and I feel empowered at the moment. But most importantly, today I really feel God’s presence.

I have a friend, Shelley, who blogs as well. She’s a talented woman and shares her strong faith. She wrote yesterday about Jonah and obedience…or really our lack thereof and it struck me.

I like to think of myself as obedient. I’ve had so many moments in my life where God spoke loudly to me and I had no hesitation in obeying. So many “Job moments” as I like to call them…where in a deep sleep God sealed my instructions in my heart. But am I truly obedient even in the small moments?

Sometimes I feel prompted to reach out to someone or to fill a need but I’m too tired or too wrapped up in my own “stuff” to take a moment. I have so many reasons at the time, all of which feel reasonable in the moment, but are they really?

I often joke that I’m loud so God speaks to me in crashing cymbals but what I am coming to understand is he speaks to me in that still small voice as well but it’s easy to miss, or worse yet, ignore, especially when life is busy.

I am thankful for my friend’s example of inviting the Holy Spirit in. I believe the Spirit is always present but it’s a relational thing. A two-way street. So today I am inviting the Spirit in and I will work on being still in moments and listen. And most importantly when called I will work on obedience … because I know though that He might call me to assist another, in doing so my own cup will be filled. It’s funny how love works that way.

One Reply to “It’s a good day…”

  1. You are so amazing and this was such good news to read.
    You will be inspiring so many as they walk the same journey.
    Enjoy every experience and Glorify Our Lord.
    You energy is amazing.

    Joy and Peace,


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