Holidays are in full swing…

Holidays are in full swing around here.  This weekend marked the start of holiday parties and all things Christmas around the Brackney household.

Friday I took a little rest time from work in the afternoon and later that evening we were supposed to head down to Rock Hill (aka: Christmasville) like we did last year, but it was chilly and raining on and off so we decided against it.  Instead, Kenzie and I brought Frank to the Peppermint Forest (that cute Christmas store on steroids I blogged about a while back).  For Kenzie and I, that was our third visit, and I finally feel like we have seen everything!  Frank was amazed at how much was packed in and especially how cool all the Christmas villages were.

Saturday I met a friend for coffee.  That was so nice.  We just sat and talked and got to know each other a little better.  After two hours, however, I needed a nap so home I went.  That afternoon I was scheduled for a neighborhood open house, but I didn’t quite have the energy to even drop in.  I felt bad, but I’m really trying to listen more to what my body needs and I had RSVP’d first to the evening ornament exchange that has quick become a tradition in our neighborhood.

I made it over to Evelyn’s house just down the street on time and it was such a lovely night.  Some of the neighbors from last year were there, and some new ones that have moved in since.  It was a nice mix and such nice ladies.  We enjoyed food and drink and then had a really fun gift exchange.  It was a nice turnout and I was so glad to be there.  It’s something I will look forward to year after year!


Sunday was another great message at Church and we took a card from the “giving tree” this year.  A sweet 15 and 14 year old girls who wanted nothing more than sheets and bedding.  That just about broke my momma heart — so off to Target I went to find what they need.  I feel so blessed that we have our needs met it brought tears to my eyes to think of others who are not as fortunate.

Once I got home I wrapped some Christmas gifts and then got in my PJs and headed for the couch, where I remained for the most part until bed.

Today I feel rested.  Which is a great thing.  The break from having to go to radiation did me some mental good as well.  Week one was tough.  Today went smoothly and quickly and Matt (my preferred technician) was there to greet me.  That started the day off right!

Tomorrow night is our bible study Christmas party and I’m looking forward to having the ladies here for that.  It will be low-key and a small group.  I have come to enjoy these ladies so much over the fall semester.  I am really looking forward to coming back together for our new study in January.  Hopefully the group will stay together and welcome new ladies as well.

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  1. It does my heart good to know that things are going so well for you and you are enjoying your new surroundings! You are a blessing to others and it’s really cool that you are off to enjoying an amazing Holiday season.

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