First of all, Frank is much improved.  Thanks to everyone who helped us, prayed for us, offered assistance and warm thoughts along the way.  Luckily, he caught the appendicitis before it burst so they were able to remove it laparoscopicly and he is healing well.  With that said, he encouraged me to fly back to Colorado to attend my department’s annual planning retreat, which I have.

This year we are nestled in my favorite part of the state…the Silverthorne area (near Breckenridge).  It’s so so lovely up here.  My boss and her family just closed on a mountain house in a secluded neighborhood in these parts (and it’s stunning) and so we rented a few other homes in the community and here we are for a few days.

Aspen House

It’s such a refreshing change.  Here it is fall.  The Aspens are changing from green to yellow, the air is crisp, the weather a little wet and misty.  It’s lovely.

Last night we all met up at a local restaurant called Sauce on the Blue.  Amazing service and fantastic food.  We went back to Crystal’s for some games and more bonding time afterwards.  I can truly say I enjoy working with these folks.  They are all fun, super comfortable with each other and just a good group of people over all.  It’s been a welcome distraction I must say.

Today is the learning and growing portion.  We’ll review our current year, set goals for next year and receive some soft skills training.  It’s my favorite part.  We’ll follow it with a dinner prepared by a private chef and tomorrow we’ll have a group activity.

I feel very blessed to be here with everyone.  I am thankful my hubby is recovering and well enough so that I could come.  I am thankful for my boss who didn’t hesitate to offer to fly me back out on short notice if I was able.  And I thank God my health is good as well.  All in all…life is good.

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