Never more than we can handle…

Apparently Frank had to one-up me. Of course I say that with all the humor I can muster through my exhaustion right now.

I am in Denver for our team retreat at work this week and no sooner do I get things under way here than do I get a phone call from Frank telling me he thinks he has food poisoning and the pain and cramping is seriously horrible.

He called the nurse line on our insurance card and and they directed him to urgent care. From there he was told he’d need to go to the ER. So he did.

After some blood work and tests they determined it was his appendix. And into surgery he went.

It is so hard not being there. The last time he had surgery was in 1994 when my dad died and I was in Chicago. Frank had kidney stones that time. I think he saves up the really bad stuff for when I’m gone just to cause the greatest level of stress. 😂. But I jest.

We moved to SC less than a year ago and we’ve made some new friends who we really adore. One couple, Bea and Mark, popped in my head this morning and I reached out to see if they could help get Frank, and his car, home today as I won’t get in until after 9 tonight. They didn’t even hesitate.

A part of me wonders why now? Why when I have medical stuff going on does Frank also need to be burdened with his own? I truly believe it is to strengthen my understanding of who God is and the mercy he provides.

We are pretty self-sufficient people, Frank and I. We take care of our own stuff and try to assist others along the way. Only this last few years have I been learning how to call on others in when we need prayers. Today I had to call on newer friends to help us in a crisis. Super humbling, but you know what? Had I been home I never would have done that. We would have taken care of thIngs ourselves. And maybe this is part of the lesson we’re learning right now…to call on others.

Bea and Mark were only too happy to jump in and help. I don’t even know what to say. I am humbled. And thankful. And I feel relief at the support. It brought me to tears.

Frank is doing much better today. He’ll be happy to be home and I’ll be happy to be there with him. But while I can’t be, our friends are serving us and will stand in my stead. God is so so good. He planted us here and brought these wonderful people into our lives and through this has taught me a bit about humility and a LOT about prayer. I may not love the experiences, but I am certainly thankful for the lessons along the way.

One Reply to “Never more than we can handle…”

  1. Prayers for Frank ans you and prauers if thanksgiving for Bea and Mark.
    Prayers for some good nights of rest and healing.
    And A blessing as I read this about it being a lesson in humility.. I was raised to never ask for help.. I need to learn it well
    As I venture back into living along.
    You are an inspiration and great teacher.

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