Road Trip…

It’s Memorial weekend and we are jumping in the car heading south.  Now, south used to mean New Mexico, which let’s be honest, isn’t the most exciting destination…South now means Florida.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Florida is a drive away.

Kenzie’s bestie, Demi, lives in Daytona Beach and my nephew lives in Orlando, an hour further south/west from Daytona.  The plan is to drop Kenzie at Demi’s and then Frank and I will head down to Orlando for the rest of the weekend.

I am so excited to see Josh and his girl, Melissa.  They are in a house on a lake.  Can’t tell you how excited I am about the idea of being around family for the holiday.  Moving out of Colorado moved me away from my brother.  Not that we saw them all the time, but holidays, and lots of weekends in the good weather months for sure.

We found a wonderful family on to take Archie while we travel.  A sweet family with two little girls who love on him.  And he LOVES little kids, so it works out great.  I’m glad I snagged her a few weeks ago!  Apparently people were clamoring for their pet sitting services like crazy this last week.  They are really great with him, and we get pictures of his stay throughout the weekend.

We head out today.  I’m up early with a bout of acid reflux, no fun there…we’ll be on the road by about 7:30 and hopefully to Josh late afternoon, early evening with stops and all.  I’m driving the first half of the trip, Frank the second.  I just hope I can convince everyone to either rent a boat for the lake or to head to the ocean.  I bought three swimsuits this year for Pete’s sake.  I’m determined to get some use outta them! 🙂

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