Pink Eye…

Ugh — that’s all I have to say.  I caught a virus last week and it moved to my eye.  Having just moved here and starting new insurance for the new year with hubby’s work, we haven’t established a doctor yet.  So off to the CVS clinic I went.  It didn’t take long and there was no discussion, pink eye it is.  I just got some drops, which burn like acid, but hopefully things will heal up over the next 24 hours and I can be back to normal.  I’m flying out to Denver for work over the next two weeks and I leave tomorrow.  Of course!

Being sick, working out has been on hold.  I know people always say you can work through it, but I find I just get sicker when my resources are low, so I took a break.  Next week when I’m back in my old stomping grounds I’ll go use the CR Rec Center in the morning before heading to the office.  That’s the plan at least.  I’m excited.  The facility has a pool so I figure I can get some laps in while I’m at it.

Otherwise, things are moving along.  I’m maintaining my weight loss for now — holding at 215.  Hopefully I’ll drop a bit over the next two weeks.  Something about being out of my element always seems to work in my favor.

Kenzie is joining me this trip back.  She’s super excited to see her friends and her brother.  I’ll be spending my 48th birthday in the mile high city and Sunday me and the kiddos are heading to my brothers to celebrate.  I cannot wait to see Barb & Steve.  It’s weird.  We didn’t see them all that much when living there, but there is a peace knowing that they were close.  Having moved, I find I miss them and think of them way more often.  It will be nice to be surrounded by family.

Tomorrow night I’m going to surprise my Journey group from my former church.  I love this group of friends.  They all supported me in one of the most difficult journeys of my life and I miss them tremendously.

I am working to not over scheduling myself with visits this time around.  Seriously.  Last time I exhausted myself.  I was also only in for a week.  This time, nearly two, so I can spread the love a little more.  My priority is time with Melanie.  I felt really cheated last time.  And it was my own doing.  Not this time.  This time we will get our fill.

And then when I return, there will only be 3 weeks left to close!  I cannot wait.  I can literally mark the days off in my planner.  Whoot whoot.  It’s been a journey.  That’s for sure.  All good, really.  We are blessed.

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  1. Sorry about the pink eye I’ve had that and it’s no fun at all! Be careful swimming with it if it hasn’t cleared up because I did once and the chlorine really burned my eyes and I had really cool Goggles on. Your going to have a great trip and I wish you an amazing and happy birthday!

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