Mile high visit…

DenverThis week I am visiting my old stomping grounds, and some new ones. My office has moved locations — to a much nicer building with a refreshed feel and vibe.  Modern and clean and just welcoming.  I office out of my home for the most part, however my boss invites me to visit every quarter for a week or so.  This is that week.

It’s been nice.  A balance this time.  Mel is sweet enough to put me up in her home.  She has the extra space in the basement in the “new”house, which is awesome.  Last time I was only in for five days and it was a whirlwind.  Worked all day, visited with people at night and missed out on time with Mel.  This time, I did a better job of planning.  I came in last Tuesday and have been rather selective about my after-hours visiting.  More time with Melanie for sure, and that’s felt so much better.

Weather in SC when we left was cold — it even snowed right after we arrived here.  Here it was 60+ degrees, until Sunday — then the temps dropped and the skies opened and dropped a good foot of snow.  All the while I’m in a mini-van with two-wheel, front wheel drive.  Soooooo good for traction in the snow and ice — NOT.  I managed to get myself stuck at the base of Jeff and Melanie’s driveway and Jeff and Jackson had to dig me out at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night.  So much for a day of rest.  I was thankful for the assistance, though.  That’s for sure.

Work has been good — getting caught up — certainly getting caught up on my connections.  Seeing Randi is always a highlight, but just having people to visit when I need a break is super refreshing.  I am certainly thankful and feel blessed to have the opportunity to work from home and telecommute, but I miss the social aspect of working in an office.  It’s just a nice way to break up my day — not to mention I’m cranking on the steps and stairs since being here.  At home it’s a real stretch for me to hit 7,500 steps — and that’s with a good jog in the morning.  Here, I’m consistently hitting 10-12 floors of stairs climbed each day and right around 8,000 steps — and I’ve been a total slacker on working out.

I brought Kenzie this trip.  It’s been so nice to have her around.  She’s been visiting with her friends most evenings.  But last night she said something that surprised me.  She said she missed “home.”  And not in reference to Denver; in reference to South Carolina.  She misses her dad and her dog and her routine and her own space — and that’s just in the apartment.  It opened the door for a conversation about how you can always visit, but once you leave a place, things change a bit and feel a bit different.  I’m glad she feels like she’s starting to establish roots in our new home.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Weird to celebrate without being around Frank.  It was nice, though.  My friend and co-worker, Jasmine, is a talented cake lady.  Truly — she made me a key-lime pound cake – which may sound weird, but WHOA…it was absolutely delicious.  And so so pretty.  Everyone gathered around and celebrated, which was super sweet.  Alicia even sent me a gift cert for Ballards.  I was both touched and SO excited.  I know just what is going where in my house, and now I’ll always think of she and her hubby Brett when I look at it.

We are officially a month out from close.  I’m fighting my patience every day.  I so cannot wait to be in.  Frank is going to visit the house on Friday and try to find some painters who might want to do some side-work.  We have a quote coming from a painting company, but I can only imagine what they’ll want.  And yes, I can paint myself, but it’s a big house — I just can’t imagine getting it all done in a week before the delivery of our furniture arrives on the 28th.

Let’s see.  I have no idea what I weigh right now, and it’s kind of freeing — like I said, I haven’t been diligent about working out, but I have continued to walk and move all day to almost the same level of activity, so I’m hoping that I maintain.  I’m more disciplined about my eating when I’m here.  I’m in the office, so I have to bring what I want to eat — whereas at home, I have access to the fridge when I’m bored — and we all know that’s a danger zone.  I have found it easier to hit my protein needs while I’m here, so I’ll have to work on being more disciplined about it at home.  Also helps to have someone else preparing the food at the restaurant and I get to pick what hits my fancy and satiates my cravings for the day.

I’ve got some other ideas brewing on the horizon, but that’s for another blog post.  For now — I’m just going to enjoy the next few days and then enjoy being back home this weekend.

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