2018 marches on…


It’s hard to believe that a new year is already underway.  My mother used to say the older you get the faster it goes and there is so much truth in that.  2017 flew by.  In the moment it felt like it was dragging, but here we are three days in to 2018.

My friend, Natalie, invited me to join a group on FB on the first.  Now, let me start by saying I HATE when people add me to a group without asking me.  Hate it!  But, Natalie was smart, she started off the first post as a video.  A heartfelt video of her impetus being starting “365 days of becoming”.  I gave it a listen and was hooked.  Natalie has brought together women from all walks of her life, some I know, some I don’t, to support each other in whatever we are striving to do and become in 2018.  It’s a place for accountability, positivity, and support.  I was intrigued and excited.  Women coming together to support each other in their endeavors can be a really powerful thing.

Last year (and maybe before, but I only became sensitive to it last year) there was a big “choose your word” phenom on the internet.  At least that’s where I heard it most often.  “What’s your word for 2017?”  Mine, because of course I didn’t want to be left out, was empowered.  And I will say, I mastered that one for the year.  I became empowered to strengthen friendships, family ties, and take back my health.  Empowered, along with my husband, to make the decision to leave Denver after 15 years for this new adventure in the South.  Everything I did I felt empowered to do or empowered by.  I stretched and grew so much last year.  So, I like the idea of choosing a word to govern the year’s journey.

This year my word is INSPIRE.  It is my hope that people leave my presence feeling and being better than when they came into it.  That my journey, shared here as an open book, inspires others to move forward in their lives, however that looks.  That I pay forward the amazing things in my life so that someone else can pay forward their good fortunes.  I hope to leave a smile on someone’s face who is struggling otherwise.  I’m not talking about big impact here, just good and better.

I don’t know where my word will take me this year.  But I am excited for the journey for sure.

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