Half-way point…


Here I am, exactly one year from the day I decided to take my health back officially.  On December 31, 2016 I was at my max.  My max frustration with being out of shape, my max sadness for the shell of the person I’d become and at my max weight…285.6.  I was done, but not ready to throw in the towel.  I was determined to make 2017 the year I did whatever it was going to take to regain my life, and I sit here a year later so glad I did that.  So glad I didn’t let yet another year slip by because I was…too old…too tired…too far gone to begin again…too {fill in the blank}.

I have learned so much about myself this year.  I have learned that I have tenacity, that I have stick-to-it-tiveness, that I have compassion, both for others AND for myself.  That I am really goal-oriented, and that I am not alone on this journey.  I have found so many wonderful friends and family members cheering me on in little and big ways throughout this year.

Frank has been amazing.  He has supported me, as he always does, every step of the way.  He has helped me recognize the changes in my body even when I did not.  He has helped me food prep, take my vitamins, he has cared for me while I recovered post-surgery, walked with me, let me build the home gym of my dreams.  He is my biggest cheerleader.  Even my kids have been cheerleaders as they have shared the kind comments that their friends have made on my changes along the way.  People I would never imagine would be watching or commenting on the changes.  Young folk! 🙂  LOL

And my friends, especially those closest to me.  They’ve listened to my struggles, they’ve celebrated the milestones and hugged me as I journeyed along.  I feel so lucky to have such an amazing support group around me.  It’s not that way for everyone.

I am especially glad I started this blog to record the journey.  On this day last year my entry was titled “Before“.  I titled this “half-way point” because that’s where I am at one year.  Half way.  When I started I knew this might be a multiple year journey — I didn’t arrive where I was overnight and I didn’t expect to heal myself overnight, either.  I have come a long way, but still have a few miles left to go.  And I’m good with that.  I’m 50% closer than I was this time last year.

Over the last year, I have lost nearly 70 pounds and 28.5″ overall.  I have lowered my BMI by 11 points.  My blood pressure is normal again, my heart is working so much less strenuously and I am no longer borderline diabetic.  So much to celebrate.  I have tried new things this year (Pilates being the most recent), and enjoy meeting new people and being in new social settings again.  I can close the once elusive tennis bracelet around my wrist.  So many milestones.  But it’s time for the big reveal…the before and mid-way photos and official stats.  And here they are…

December 31, 2016…


December 31, 2017…

2017 - 4

and my overall stats…


I am so thankful I decided to document my journey with photos.  You might imagine how difficult the first series of shots were to take.  I was uncomfortable in my body and sad for the damage I had done.  I felt unhealthy and unhappy, but I took the photos anyway, understanding that this marked only a point in time and did not define who I was inside.

Today when I look at the new set of photos I see a much happier, healthier person.  The outside more truly reflects the person I am inside.  For a while I struggled with having weight loss surgery.  That I wasn’t strong enough to do this journey by my own accord, but I have come to understand that there comes a point where your body actually begins to fight against you.  That the hormones have literally shifted to work against losing weight/fat.  That though not impossible to make a change, I was constantly feeling defeated every time I started and that was just a vicious cycle.  I’m glad I didn’t let another year slip by without seeking help.  Dr. Long is amazing and I am so thankful for his kindness, his skill and his team walking me through this part of my journey.  I feel a new lease on my life and hope for a long future with my family.  And that’s what I set out to obtain in the beginning.  So, I have no regrets having had surgery.  Making that decision goes so far beyond just losing weight or getting thinner.  It was the ultimate commitment to myself and my family.  That I wanted to be around for the long-haul.  To see my children grow to one day have their own families.  I only wish my parents were still around to see the changes.  They would both be so proud and supportive.  Every step of this journey has been made with both of them in mind.  Neither suffered from weight issues, but both died of diseases that were potentially preventable.  We all have our addictions — and I know if they had it to do over again, they might have made some changes to prolong their lives.  I’m only thankful I can learn from watching their choices, positive or negative, and use them to make healthier choices in my own life.

I have some goals for 2018.  Not resolutions, per se, but solid goals.

  • To see ONEderland (199) by March 31, 2018
  • To run a 5K in under 35 minutes
  • To really crush the body fat % this year — I would like it to be at 25% or under by December 31, 2018
  • To begin hiking — I understand there are some lovely hikes in these parts
  • To try one new active activity each month, all twelve months
  • To compete in one triathlon at the Olympic distance this summer

I think that’s the list for now.  I’ll check back in next year and update on how I did — and of course I’ll be updating as I go.  Thanks for those who read this, and for those who support me in all the other ways imaginable.  I am blessed to have each of you in my life.  I wouldn’t have come this far without your kindness and encouragement.

Here’s to a magnificent 2018!

4 Replies to “Half-way point…”

  1. Omg! I am so very proud of you I don’t even know where to start. First off thank you for being honest about having surgery, a lot of people won’t admit that they have had it and I think it’s important to be honest because it’s a very difficult road! Second, “are you kidding me?” look how much your numbers have lowered across the board! This is a huge accomplishment because for the rest of your life this is one of the things you can look back on to draw inspiration. now you know that you can do anything and I bet that has to feel outstanding! Lastly, you are a fantastic human being and you have been an amazingly supportive person along my journey so far and I want to say thank you! But today is about you and how resilient and driven you have been all year long and for all you have accomplished I give you a STANDING OVATION! Great job you and you know what? I know you’re not done and that you have so much more you want to accomplish and I can’t wait to read about it! Happy New Year my friend to you and your family!

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    1. Thanks Alexx! Especially about the comment on me being upfront about having had surgery. I didn’t want to dance around it for the rest of my life and I see it as a tool in this journey, not something to be embarrassed about at all! I’m so glad we met this year and that we are able to push and motivate each other! I’m excited to watch your journey as well!

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      1. Oh, trust me I had a few people I know do the surgery and I know that it is no day at the beach and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. You did what needed to be done to get to where you wanted to be and it’s paying dividends!

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