Another day another 2 miles…

new me

So today, back and all I decided to hit the treadmill and walk.  My fear is that if I sit for too long I will lose my momentum.  I didn’t do any incline and I kept my pace at around a 16:40 mm, which isn’t all that quick — I was aiming more for steps than anything.  I swear my Garmin will be the death of me — it mocks me with it’s 10,000 steps goal.  And I come close most days but seldom crest it during the week — not so much of a problem on the weekend when I’m moving, but during the week when I’m sitting here working — ugh.

Eating has been going pretty well this week.  Especially following smaller meals evenly spaced out.  And pre-planning.  So much less to think about.  That makes me a happy girl.  Not having a plan literally makes me obsessed with thinking about my next meal and my next meal all day long.

Our local Harley shop (which I had yet to visit) hosted a garage night for gals last night.  Big sales on everything in the store (other than bikes).  I did get to see the 2018 Heritage Classic that I am dying to own – and the sales guy had me check out a few other bikes as well that would be a good fit for my short frame.  As soon as this “cold front” (and I use that loosely – we’re talking 40 degrees people! Bawhahaha) passes I think I’ll go in for a test ride.

I did pick up some new Harley shirts — most of them are blingy, my favorite kind.  They were all 50-75% off – which is still a little pricey for a shirt — right?  HD does stand for hundred dollars, after all!  🙂

Today should be busy at work, yesterday was not, which was nice.  Got to spend some time catching up with Mel…on the phone…that’s a rare thing in our friendship.  We’ve always been more face-to-face friends than phone friends — we just don’t have that luxury since the move.  It was good to hear her voice and connect.

Tomorrow I am on a plane for a whirl-wind trip back to Denver for our department holiday party, which is always so much fun.  It’s always at Crystal’s house and it is just a fun and relaxing time with people I truly enjoy spending time with.  Saturday morning Ali is going to come up and meet me for breakfast and then drive me to the airport.  That’ll be nice.  I miss my friend.  And I think she misses me a little, too.

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