Interior progress…

Holy smokes.  Yesterday we went to see the progress on the house.  Now, on Tuesday we received a call from our builder that they thought they would probably get the trim in and maybe get some painting going as the cabinets were on order.  The surprise we received upon entering the house blew our minds!!  We walked in to a beautiful grand staircase, all the trim installed, the windows encased, our pantry installed, interior doors, including the beautiful 8 foot French doors for my husband’s office, the back patio roof beadboard installed, AND our cabinets all installed.  Holy cow!  It was SO exciting to see so much progress.

Our neighbor, Amina (Ah-min-ah) stopped by and we gave her a tour.  She’s such a delight.  I can’t wait to be her neighbor.  Her husband is more low-key, like Frank, and they share a love of cycling which I’m so happy for.  Amina and I are a lot a like as well – both outspoken and outgoing.  Perfect pairing that couldn’t be better if I had hand picked them myself.

The other thing we did on Sunday was investigate a different church.  We have been going to a nice, but small, church since we arrived.  We wanted something close to the house.  The people I have met there are really fantastic, but the preaching is a little “heavy” for Frank and Kenzie’s taste.  I wasn’t sure if that was just because we were in the bible-belt or if it was just this church.  So, for the good of the family, I decided we would try something else just to be sure before we committed to anything formally.  I’m so glad we did.  We tried another very close-to-home church called New River.  They spoke on the Christ’s birth from the perspective of the shepherds and it was fantastic.  Just enough bible verses to support the message, mixed with humor and practical application.  So much more “Plum Creek”.  From the minute we walked in we felt at home.  The church has it’s own building which is set up very similarly to Plum Creek.  Everyone was warm and welcoming and even the chapel felt the same.  We all agreed that this was a much better fit for our family.  We talked non-stop about it until we arrived at the house.  Decision made.  I feel bad, a little, that I will need to share the news with some of the gals I hold bible study for on Tuesday nights, but it’s the right thing for our family.  So happy to have that resolved.

Friday I flew home to attend our department Christmas party.  That was so fun, seeing everyone.  Long two days of flying though — that’s a story in itself.  The highlight, after seeing my group, was the next morning.  Alison came to take me to breakfast and then the airport.  So good to see her face-to-face.  That’s been the most difficult part about the move.  Not seeing or being near the people closest to me.  😦  I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to go back to Denver every few months.  Kenzie will make the next trip with me.  She needs to see her friends, too!

One other thing of note to report.  This morning I am officially down to 220 — almost out of the 20’s — finally.  It’s certainly more of a push and a struggle these days to get that needle to move, but I’m not frustrated…it just reminds me I have to push harder — and so far I am.  I’ll be thrilled to see that needle move a little further next week.  I will measure again and take body shots again on New Year’s day!  Whoot whoot.  I cannot wait.  Before and 1/2 way to goal after.  And then soon after we’ll be in the house!  I CANNOT WAIT.  The excitement might just do me in.


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