Years ago I stumbled across a fitness program called Body for Life — it’s basically a combination of anaerobic weight lifting, HIICardio and eating smaller portions of protein/fat/carbs throughout the day.  I’ve decided I’m ready to start shaping my body rather than just getting the fat off.

Losing so quickly, I am already starting to experience sagging skin.  Mostly on my arms and my gut.  My thighs don’t look terribly pretty right now either, but that’s more a shaping item than loose skin.  And well, my butt is pretty flat.  For some reason this upsets me more than the rest combined?  I never realized my booty was my hot button!  Ha!

Anyway – in thinking of what I wanted to do to reshape my body, I came to the conclusion that weights was the way to go.  I need the muscle to continue burning fat anyway.  But what do I do.  I have some experience with weights, but I by no means am an expert and I’m not ready to hire a trainer quite yet.  Especially not with the lower back injury I sustained last weekend.  I think it’ll be about a good month before I can really push with the assist from a trainer.

So, I looked up the book on Amazon (thank goodness for this site.  On the other hand, whatever thought I have it’s usually available for purchase — with the benefit of Prime — that’s not always great for the pocket book!), and voila!  There it was.  Both the book and the exercise journal.  I brushed up on the program and today was day #1.  Upper body so I was able to really protect my back.  It was mostly arms and shoulders.  It kind of forced me to isolate the proper muscles so I didn’t strain and further injure the muscles around my tail bone.  And boy did it kick my butt.  In free-weights I never crested 20 #s, which shows the shape I’m in upper body-wise.  But that was enough to feel the “burn” for sure.

I also found the best sports medicine clinic here in Baxter — it’s chiropractic, massage, and Pilates all in one place.  I met with Traci last night and she gave me the longest, best sports massage I think I’ve ever had — and that’s saying something coming from a spa girl like me.  She really worked the muscles near my tailbone.  Not in a painful way, just in a elongating gentle way.  I felt so much looser when I left.  I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks.

I managed to lose another 2 pounds last week.  I’ve been hovering in the 220’s for a few weeks, which is frustrating, but I knew the rapid weight loss would eventually come to an end and the more intense work would begin.  I guess I have truly arrived at this point.  My goal was -15 by February 1st.  I have 13 to go.  Totally manageable.

I still fight the food demons, though.  The desire to munch late-night.  The desire to eat crappy foods.  The compulsion to eat fast and not chew.  All of those things are remnants from my former eating life and I fight them every single day.  I have to learn to be comfortable with a little hunger between meals.  I have to learn to eat more scheduled and plan ahead.  And that every meal is not literally my last meal.  Sheesh.

The one thing I am proud of is that I’ve incorporated more vegetables back into my diet.  All sorts of vegi’s.  And a bit of carb.  Whole grains — I had oatmeal for breakfast the other day.  That was a treat.  But boy, when I’m full I’m full.  Not another bite.  And that’s a good thing – thought I probably shouldn’t get to that point on a regular basis.  I should stop eating before that sensation.

I’m also back to measuring my foods as I prepare them.  It’s so easy to over estimate, and sometimes even underestimate a portion size.  What I thought was 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese was actually only a 1/4 and it’s a wonder I was hungry so quickly after.  An hour later I was wanting more.  So, this morning I measured my snack to a 1/2 cup.  And let me tell you, it’s not easy to eat it all, but I know with the increased energy spend of working out I need the calories.  My body still works the same in that regard.  If I eat less and burn more, my body doesn’t seem to release the fat as quickly.  However, if I give it the nutrition and calories it needs it releases the weight much more smoothly.

I do like that I can now buy “cute” fitness clothes.  I am wearing a Victoria Secret sport legging with a Fabletics Cami and a Juno Active black with white piping exercise top.  I finally had to break down and buy some clothes in my size.  The size 3x tops were just swimming on me and I looked “dumpy” in the mirror at the gym and it was starting to mess with my head.  It’s better for me to see my actual size as I go.  It helps my brain embrace my new body which helps me to make better choices throughout the day.

It’s truly not all about how I look.  I feel so much better as well.  But some days I just have to enjoy and embrace the physical part of the experience and not feel ashamed to be excited about it as well.  It’s all part of the journey.

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