I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and I follow Southern Living — no shocker there.  There was a heading that flashed across the screen, “What southern town changes its name to Christmasville for four days each year?”  Having a daughter who is a Christmas lover level 10, I had to see.

Turns out it is a small, historic South Carolina town called Rock Hill — that happens to only be seven miles south of where we are currently living.  It started on Thursday (Nov. 30) and runs through Sunday, December 2nd.  So, last night we piled in the car and headed down.  It was the most charming little town.  Old buildings (1886’ish) abound and every store window had a display.


We arrived early and walked around a bit before the crowds amassed.  They had food trucks and music at one end of the street — near the lovely “Fountain Park” which boasts a fountain that puts on water displays non-stop an lights up at night.


Once the sun went down the magic began and the people began to gather waiting for the parade to begin.  Now, I am not a fan -of parades.  Like not at all.  Can’t stand them actually.  I don’t know what kind of Grinch that makes me, but I have never had the patience for them.  I’m so glad we got there early.  It gave us a few ours to take everything in and we were still out of there before the parade began.

Kenzie was in absolute heaven.  She soaked in the lights and enjoyed her funnel cake.  Much like star lighting in Castle Rock had been, I believe Christmasville will be a new tradition for our family.

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