Bonding time…


Kenzie’s been in a bit of a funk lately — school, moving, life — just not feeling great, so I figured a night out would do us both some good.  We live close to this adorable shopping district called Rivergate.  In it there is a place called Art Space – a ceramics studio where you can just pop in and pick a piece and paint it.  Leave it, they fire it, it’s ready to pick up a week later.  We had so much fun.

We got there around 6’ish and they close at 8p — we thought that would be plenty of time.  But it takes 3 coats of paint to avoid streakiness in the finished product.  That and I chose one that required so much detail that my hand was cramping in the end.  But it was fun, and really, that was the point.  It’ll be nice next week to pick up a tangible piece of the memories we made together.

From there we went to dinner — Buffalo Wild Wings — I know, not the best choice, but I figured a few wings wouldn’t be my downfall — was I wrong — not my downfall, but keeping them down – a whole other story.  About my 2nd bite into my 3rd wing my stomach quit on me.  It literally rejects poultry.  Good thing we were close to the bathroom — I practically ran there and up it all came.  Blech.  So, I guess I will just leave the poultry family alone at this point.  My body doesn’t like it.  At least with not digesting it, I don’t take the caloric hit for it.  Always look for the silver lining, I guess.

My complex gym was closed today for painting.  I guess I could use a rest day from activity.  I understand that’s a good thing for the body to recoup.  I also bought an oldy but goody — the Body for Life Journal today off of Amazon – It will help me know what the heck I’m doing in the gym with the weights and give me a place to track my progress.  I figure while I have access to all this equipment I should use it.  I have free weights for the house, but no lat bar for pull downs, etc.  I do have TRX that I will mount to the ceiling but it’s not quite the same.  I’m so happy to be back in the swing.  I feel so much better overall.

Been having some interesting ecclesiastical discussions with my good friend.  Having both left the LDS church we share similar questions — I’m a little further along in my journey than she is and I have background in other faiths, etc.  It’s good though, her questions make me think and determine the root of what I believe and then it makes me think through a way to explain what I have found, learned, and come to understand.  It’s good to have others who get “it” to share the journey with.

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