Getting in the groove…


So finally, I’m feeling like I’m back in the groove.  I woke this morning, after a not so restful night sleep, hopped into my workout clothes, had my protein drink and then went off to the gym.  I crushed a pretty intense cardio workout and then hit the weights.  I am definitely in the groove.  Today is also the last day I will weigh off schedule.  I am back down — 224.  That’s not too shabby.  Looks like when I respect my tool my body complies.  Whoot whoot.

I also connected my apps.  I went back to using “My Fitness Pal” because it works with my Garmin app.  Though it doesn’t understand how someone with WLS actually eats.  It is dying for me to carbo-load.  Not so much.  I had previously been using an app called Baritastic and it really was fantastic!  It didn’t tell me I didn’t hit my intake goals.  It just relayed the information for my day.  But, it doesn’t talk to other apps.  So, MyFitnessPal, C25K and Garmin will be my trackers from here on out.

I can’t believe in just a handful of days how much harder I am able to push my cardio.  I have always had a freakish lung capacity.  Even when I was young and smoked.  It’s just always been able to cycle oxygen effectively.  It is really difficult for me to get my heart rate above 140, even running on the elliptical at an 8 or 9 minute pace.  142, 145, 148 is about where I top out.  Which I’m not necessarily complaining about.  It allows me to keep my stamina up.  But, it takes a lot for me to sweat and feel like I’ve really pushed myself because of it.

My resting heart rate is way down — which is great.  I hover around 45 – 50 bpm.  There was a point at my heaviest when I could literally feel how hard my heart was working to push the blood around my body.  I don’t miss the fear and terror that struck in me.  Not one bit.  My blood pressure is returning to normal as well.  It was close this last doctor’s appointment.  I’m hoping by month six it will be in the normal range.  the systolic is recovering, diastolic is taking a little longer.

Eating has been back on track.  Lots of vegis and protein.  A little carb in the way of fruit.  No flour based carbs, no sugar based carbs.  So that’s good.  Seriously.  If I learned nothing else from having followed the Whole30 program earlier in the year, it’s that I’m truly a sugar addict.  In all forms.  And it is far better for me to simply avoid it rather than think I can have a little a walk away.  I cannot.  I am truly addicted to it.  And besides, I just feel so much better when I don’t indulge.  My doc said I can add some whole grains back in; oatmeal, grains, even some brown rice.  And I may from time to time when I’m further along, but for now, I don’t feel ready.  I literally lose my mind when I have things from this category.  A little tastes good, a lot makes me slip into old habits of comfort.  And then I just feel tired and sluggish and soon I stop working out and the cycle begins again!

I know this isn’t going to be a perfect journey, but I can see how the choices I make impact everything, and that puts me completely in the driver’s seat.  I’ve always seen myself as an “owner” and not a victim.  In every area of my life, except for this one.  And I don’t know why that is.  But uncovering that truth is empowering.  There is no reason I should feel victimized by my old habits.  They can’t control me if I don’t agree to let them.  That is refreshing, for sure.

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