The difference a day can make…


Yesterday morning I woke up in a mood.  I was frustrated and down on myself for falling off the wagon.  Rather than looking at how far I’ve come and what I can do, I was having a pity party over my current behavior and the stall it had caused.  Once I wrote out my thoughts here, I pondered them for a while, and came to the conclusion, like most things in life, my attitude is a choice.  Yesterday I decided things would be different.  And low and behold — they were.

For one, I got off my butt.  I went to the gym when I wasn’t in “the mood”.  For the most part I ate clean yesterday — hitting my protein requirement for the first time in several days (85 gms) and I hit a steps record for one day…and that’s with forgetting to put my Garmin on for my workout…so I am guessing I was closer to 15,000 steps yesterday than my watch shows above.  It felt great.  I felt strong.  I felt like I had choices.  And I realize how often I hand over my power to insecure thinking.

Frank was wonderful yesterday.  We spent the day walking around the south end of Charlotte.  It was small business day and they had a bunch of pop up retail sites in an area of town they are trying to regentrify.  Cute shops, lots of good ideas and products.  We found a farm to table shop that is even better than the CSA I found.  And they deliver to your front door rather than requiring a pick up location.  Very cool.  We will certainly be giving that a try.  We walked all over.  I mean – all o-v-e-r.  Which was great.  However, I decided to give the couch to 5k program one more try, knees-be-willing, and that required muscles I don’t normally use to their fullest – like my lower back, my hip cross-over muscles and my outter thighs.  Everything was tender by days-end.  Which brought me to the realization it’s time to work on planks.  I am in serious need of some core strength — of which I have ZERO.

Anyway – after walking around downtown, we went to the South Park mall – Swanky…similar to Park Meadows from back in Colorado — They even had a Fabletics retail store.  I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a member since I figure I should look cute if I’m going to be working out all the time, but haven’t quite dived in yet.  I bought a really cute pair of workout pants since I was there and with black Friday sales lingering they were 50% off (of a ridiculous starting price, but the justification feels better, right?).

Being active yesterday, making better eating choices, enjoying and engaging in my life were all good for the soul.  It reminded me that I’m in charge.  And weather I think I can or think I can’t I’m absolutely right.  When I started this blog with an eye to making healthy changes in 2017 I said I didn’t care how long it took.  I am at the half-way point with weight loss.  I know that it will be slower going from here than the first 3 months.  And I’m going to have to make peace with that and readjust my thinking.  The really hard work comes now and I am all in.  Day by day, making healthy choices and moving.  There’s something to that 10,000 steps goal.  5 miles a day.  It’s a struggle to reach that when you sit for your day job day in and day out.  But it’s possible.  And it just takes a decision not to sit down at the end of the day until I’ve reached that goal.

So, today is Sunday — my rest day.  Rest my body, rest my mind.  Tomorrow starts week one in what I will call phase II of getting healthy.  I have 60 more pounds to lose.  My surgery anniversary is July 31.  My goal is to take the final 60 off in the next 9 months.  That sounds ambitious, but it’s really about 6-7 pounds a month.  That’s not insane.  That’s a pretty healthy pace.  We’ll take it a month at a time, a week at a time, a day at a time.  In the end what it will take to achieve that is in my control.  I just have to come back here to read and remember that.  It’s all up to me.  Feeling thankful.

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