differenceI posted this picture on my FB feed this morning with a blurb about how much better I feel having lost so much weight — I was overwhelmed with the supportive responses I have received.  It got me thinking — so many of those who responded have been an inspiration in my life in one way or another — it occurred to me that I don’t often take time out to tell the people in my life of their influence in it.  I think it’s important to do that — to take a step back and out of our selves and tell others of their impact.

So many people go through life, just their day-to-day activities not realizing the influence for good they have on others.  I have a casual friend who is an amazing mother.  I enjoy her posts and watching her kids grow up.  She’s in no way overt or making reference to what a great mom she is — you just know it.  You know she is enjoying the journey, even through the more difficult parts.  And that inspires me to focus more on my kids.  I have another friend who is working hard at being healthy — hitting the gym and setting specific goals while parenting and running a business.  Her posts help get me off my butt when I’m less than inclined to hit the gym myself.  I am so thankful for the people in my life – going about their life without a second thought of who they are impacting.  Yet, their influence is real.

Leadership isn’t about being in the front of the room.  Leadership is about creating something that others wish to follow.  Being positive, inspiring, motivating, kind, encouraging, determined.  All these things I see as leadership skills and even those that are the meekest in nature, who have no idea and no intention of making a sonic boom with their lives, create ripples in the pond of my life and I am thankful for them.  For my tribe.

Sure, I had WLS.  But that doesn’t mean I found the magic cure.  I still have to work and I still have to watch carefully what I eat.  And I still have to find motivation and my “why” for staying with it when I’m tired, or lazy or just plain over it.  I am thankful for the leaders in my life paving the way for me to make changes, small and big, to better myself along the way.

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