contactsSo, I’m trying an experiment.  I noticed that now, not only my distance vision was crappy but I was struggling more and more to read.  Didn’t matter how close or how far I moved the book, it was blurry.  This getting old thing is for the birds.  I am not ready for bifocals.  So — off to the eye doctor I went.

He agreed that I now was in that age/stage that required bifocals.  Before leaving, I mentioned I wanted Lasix — especially with the photography.  He listened by looked concerned.  He didn’t say it, but I don’t think he’s overall excited about Lasix.  Either way he warned that it would not perfectly correct for the reading.  If I corrected for the distance (I.e., driving) I would still need readers.  Which isn’t terrible, but then he mentioned monovision.  Where one eye is corrected for reading and one for distance.  He suggested before I commit to that I should try it with contacts because not everyone’s brain is wired that way.  So — contacts it is.  And I am ecstatic.  I’ve wanted contacts for ever — I don’t mind the glasses but finding them half the time is the problem – and then when I do they are generally in some need of cleaning, etc.  Contacts are clean, pop and go for the most part.  And I have my peripheral vision back.  Whoot whoot.

I was warned that it could take my brain a few days to adjust.  For the first day and a half I thought I was seeing double.  My left and right eye did not want to cooperate – but I powered through.  And today – they seen to be working much better together.  I can now drive and read.  Neither is tack sharp, but overall it’s certainly clearer than it would be if I had no assistance, and I love the fact that I’m not searching around for my frames.

I’m in a trial set for now, but I think these will do — happy days.

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