Back on track…


I’m officially on my way back down!  I’ve broken the plateau and couldn’t be happier,  This morning I weighed in at 234.7…Officially 78 days post-surgery and 51 pounds gone!  Whoot whoot!  I couldn’t be happier.  Stress really stalls things.  This move has given me three weeks without the needle moving.  I knew at around 50 pounds I would have to work harder, but sheesh, no success whatever in over 20 days…that bummed me out.  I’m glad to see the needle heading in the right direction again.  My BMI was at 38 this morning.  Down from 46 on surgery day.  My resting heartbeat hovers somewhere around 50 bpm give or take.  Down from 78.  So many positive changes in my health I’m starting to lose track.  I still have a long way to go, but I feel reenergized that I’m on the right path again.

On other exciting fronts — our house is moving along.  We have walls.  Framing is going quick.  A week ago we had a slab, this Sunday we had walls and window cut outs.  Next week I expect the second floor will be finished and they’ll get to roofing and windows.  Craziness.  I have a sneaking suspicion that they will actually be on time with delivery.  By mid-February we’ll be moving into the house.  I cannot wait.  Not that the apartment has been the torture that I expected it to be.  It’s actually pretty nice, and certainly big enough for the three of us.  But, it’s still apartment living.  I will celebrate the day I have a washer and dryer again! 🙂

We are settling in to our new church and making some connections to people.  It’s not quite the same as our church family back in Castle Rock, but I’m getting that those connections take time.  Some take a lot of time.  I’ve been here three weeks, I know I’m not the most patient person and I need to cut myself some slack, but there are days I’m lonely for girlfriend time.  For the comfort of knowing I am known to someone.  I am working on the art of listening though.  I can be a big personality, I know that.  I am trying to give others the spotlight and really listen to who they are.  I guess that comes with age, caring more about others than about yourself.  It has for me anyway.  I’d much rather listen than be heard right now.  And I’m appreciating the bible studies I’m attending and learning about the other ladies who are there with me.


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