I don’t often take up challenges I’m given on Facebook, but this one spoke to me.  Rachel posted a 7 day, b&w photography challenge where you just snap a photo, with no people and no explanation and post it.  I love how day 1 turned out because it speaks to me so loudly about my life.  A bit of chaos, but in the middle is Christ and that keeps everything feeling a little more calm.

I’ve been so bitten by the photography bug again lately.  I’m snapping more shots, even with my phone, of my world around me.  It’s like another form of journaling for me.  I’m thinking of doing some mini-holiday sessions and testing the waters out here a bit.  We shall see.

Today is Sunday — church, a baby shower, a visit to the house to see how construction is going.  And then some rest and family time.  I’m so thankful for Sundays.

Yesterday Kenzie and I drove up to Northlake Mall which felt like quite a journey (it was probably only 30 minutes by freeway away).  Lots of great stores, but no success on finding her a dress for her senior pictures that we’re doing next month in Savannah.  Later we ran to Target, and sure enough, found a cute dress.  Now to find shoes that are out of season.  She would like white wedge sandals.  In October.  I love that girl.

We’re meeting Demi and her mom down in Savannah for the pictures.  Probably hit Forsythe fountain and a few other squares of historic houses while we’re there.  It’ll be a fun, albeit quick trip.  It’s only about 4.5 hours from here.  A nice half-way point between Demi and us.  It’ll be good to have the girls back together.  Kenzie misses her.  And I’m sure Demi misses Kenzie.

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