I love my fat pug…


This is Archie, our pug.  I love our dog.  He’s sweet, loving, and a little mischievous.  I can now officially add to that list, fat.  He’s gained 9 pounds in 2 years.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t be such a big deal.  Just cut back on his food and walk him more…but it looks like he’s so overweight he cannot fly on the plane, in a carrier, under the seat.  20 pounds, including the carrier, is the limit.  And they weigh the dog and the carrier together at the airport.  Can I tell you the pickle this puts us in?

We had all the logistics worked out.  Seriously.  We were turning in 2 of the 3 cars for transport tomorrow leaving us just Franks for a few days.  The movers come on Monday, Kenzie and I would fly out Tuesday and Frank and the dog would stay at Mel’s until their flight on Thursday.  With this hiccup, looks like I’ll be driving with the dog.  Which is fine.  I like a good road trip.  I prefer it, actually.  But oh my gosh…I prefer a little planning time.  I still have so many people I wanted to see, so many things to do.  Driving means I will leave on Saturday.  THIS Saturday.  I haven’t quite digested that yet.  That’s in like four days.  FOUR days.

Things can never be simple.  Good thing I love adventure.  I’m about to have an epic one…just a girl and her dog.

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