T -1 Day…

T -1

Unbelieveable.  One day until I leave for South Carolina.  After a little scrambling, Melanie is able to make the trip with me.  In 15 years we have talked many times about a girls’ weekend – taking a road trip – getting away and never once did we make it happen. Seems fitting that we now get to have that time — as I head out on to my new journey.  I really can’t think of a better way to head out.

We’re pretty well prepared for the move – odds and ends left to move, but overall, I think we’re good.  Movers come on Monday.  Frank and Kenzie will fly out on Tuesday.  Cannot wait until we’re all together again.

We’re meeting my brother and SIL for dinner at my favorite Castle Rock restaurant, Union.  So excited.  I had to call and tell them we were moving and they were my absolute favorite of all the restaurants in town b/c there were no reservations available until 8:00pm — makes sense on a Friday night.  They made the accommodation for us thankfully.  It’ll be one of the things I miss about my little town.  I hope we find something as quaint and yummy out eats for sure!

I can’t believe the move is upon us.  It seemed so far away when we first started talking about it.  And now…it’s here.  So many people I’d hoped to see before leaving…just not enough time.  Never quite enough time…

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