Size 16…

Whoa — yesterday my daughter and I went clothes shopping.  I am now down 40 pounds and well, my clothes aren’t fitting well.  I went out for a motorcycle ride the other night and my sweet friend asked if I’d considered new clothes yet?  It was a gentle hint that until that moment I hadn’t realized the time had arrived for.  So, we went.

It was weird for both Kenzie and I.  We’re both used to me taking a chair while she tries on outfits.  Today was my turn.  I grabbed a pair of jeans, because that’s what I need the most.  My eyes suck.  I need bifocals but I haven’t broken down to get them yet.  I swore I saw 18 on the tag.  40 pounds ago I was a 20/22, so I felt like that would probably be as small as I could go.  When I got to the dressing room, I looked at the jeans I’d grabbed and thought, “geez…these look small.”  I tried them on and voila, they fit.  A little snug, but they zip and button and were comfortable.  I was excited.  I tried on a few more things. Everything worked.  I was jazzed.  Kenzie was next and found some cute things as well.  We checked out and went on our way.

When I arrived home and decided to put things away, I took the items out to remove the tags.  On the jeans was the tape that announced their size.  16.  SIXTEEN.  What?  No way.  I put them back on.  They still fit.  Unreal.  In 6 weeks I’ve lost 2 sizes in pants and at least a size in tops.  I also bought an XL pant and they are ca-ute!  Unbelievable!  I am so stunned by my progress so far.  I am so good.  Even if I stopped now.  And I know I have a long way to go, but I’m so happy.  I have energy.  I move more.  My color is better.  I sleep better.  I can’t begin to name all the ways I feel so much better.  It’s amazing.  Really.  I cannot picture myself six weeks from now.  I have no idea what that time will bring.  I can certainly tell you my brain is not keeping up.  I don’t see a smaller person in the mirror yet.  So I let my clothes be my guide.  And so far; I like what I’m seeing.

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