Record Pace…

Today was overall a good day.  I started early with another 2 mile walk…only I set a pace record.  Literally, 11 days post-surgery.  I averaged an 18:46 min/mile pace for the full 2 miles.  I was shocked actually.  I don’t even know where the energy came from.  Yesterday I hit 75 gms of protein.  Quite a feat in itself.  Maybe that’s it though.  Getting enough nutrition + enough sleep = energy to spend. The one thing I am concerned about is that I’m not getting quite enough hydration.  It’s tough to get 64 oz. when all you can do is sip sip sip.  I’m hoping that gets better.  And then there’s the “no drinking 30 minutes after a meal” rule.  So as not to flush the food through my system before I am able to get any nutrients from it.  So, getting fluids now that I’m able to ingest food (albeit pureed) is tough.  But I have to work on it.  It’s the only thing my doc is not pleased about.

Later in the day, I got a new shorter, sassier haircut.  Just what I wanted.  It’s super cute.  And I’m sure it’ll be even cuter once I learn to work with it.


Kenzie and I went out to get her some new tops.  After walking around for a while I felt like I needed some energy.  I was getting light headed and fuzzy.  I wasn’t hungry.  I don’t really get hungry at this point.  My stomach is too small, I think.  Anyway — we went to Zoes Kitchen b/c at least its whole food.  I ordered chicken kabobs knowing I would bring leftovers to Frank.  I ate 2 pieces of chicken, tiny bite by tiny bite since I’m in the pureed stage.  I literally pulverized them to death with my teeth.  Problem is, old habits die hard.  I still eat too quickly.  And then it happened.  The dreaded “lodged” feeling.  Right in the solar plexus.  I stopped eating immediately and tried desperately to not throw up in the car the whole way home.  Finally, after about 15 minutes the feeling passed.  Unpleasant.  Don’t want to repeat that feeling — ever.

I’m home now.  Just chillin’.  Frank is at Jake’s helping him set up his wifi.  Tomorrow we have a few showings.  Finger’s crossed.   Hoping to have an offer in hand soon.

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