Building steam…


Today I broke the 2 mile barrier while walking with my neighbor, Alison.  I’ve not been pushing myself since I’m just barely week 2 out of surgery.  But today I was feeling it.  Probably because I’m on pureed foods rather than liquid.  I have more energy, more stamina.  I feel good over all.  So, when we were walking, and talking, I barely noticed the markers — other than when my Garmin would sound off.  And we kept about a 20 minute pace per mile.  Which may not be a bolt of lightening by any chance, but for me, it’s literally the speed of the hare.  And you know what?  It felt easier with 15 pounds gone.  Not only the 15 pounds, but the lack of swelling that let me tighten my shoes properly.   All these things are already making a huge difference in my health and my life.

After returning home, sweaty and accomplished, I sat down to work (I’m working from home the latter part of this week) and immediately got a call from a realtor wanting to show my house.  She was gracious enough to give me 55 minutes rather than the 20 she originally asked for!  I mean that sincerely.  She has a hot client that wanted to see what she wanted to see — and I get that.  Only problem was…Frank and Kenzie had just left for Kenzie’s doctor’s appointment and the house was not ready.  Forget that I hadn’t showered and I stunk from the walk!

So, quickly I started washing the dishes in the sink and collect garbage.  Opening blinds and turning on lights…then the doorbell.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Turns out it was my bestie coming to my rescue.  Melanie jumped in and helped me finish (she’s co-agent on my listing so she gets noticed when someone requests a showing)…seriously. What will I do when I don’t have Mel right there with me by my side?  😦  Together we got everything staged and I vacated with Archie to Mel’s house.  I came back over here about 50 minutes later and the showing was still going on.  Which, I hope, is a good sign.  Haven’t heard anything yet.  I’m trying to remain patient.  I know somewhere, somehow, someone will love and buy my house.  I would just like it to be sooner than later!

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