First 15…


Today was my first follow up appointment post-surgery in Dr. Long’s office.  I arrived a little early and chatted with the girls up front who said I looked great — great color, etc. for 9 days post-op.

Then I went in to the nurse for the basics.  Blood pressure is down (still borderline high, but much better), BMI moved down 2 points.  That was exciting.  All the pre-surgery edema I experienced in my legs, feet, hands and face is totally gone.  But most exciting?  I am down 15 pounds since surgery.  FIFTEEN POUNDS.  I knew I’d lost some.  I hadn’t weighed myself at home, though.  I’m trying really hard not to focus on the scale.  But 15?  That was a shocker.  I still need to work on getting my proteins in.  I’m short on those and that’s not great.  But on liquids it’s difficult to do.  Now I’m moving to pureed foods, which should make that more attainable.  One would hope.

I see the dietician in a few weeks and Dr. Long again in November.  Hopefully I’ll be at a healthy protein level before than.

Frank and I have decided that I will fly back to follow up with all my appointments.  we really want Dr. Long to follow me through the process.  I feel truly luck to have picked him in the first place.

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