Time to pull the plug…


Day 8 and I’m nervous as all get out.  I see my surgeon today and he will remove the drain that’s been hanging off my side since surgery.  I can’t imagine that will be a pleasant experience since the thing is sewn into me.  I am looking forward to a little more freedom of movement, however.  I feel like I am overly cautious with it being attached.  I think i will walk quickly, turn a little smoother without its presence.

I’m also nervous to get on a scale.  I haven’t weighed myself on purpose.  On surgery day I was 279.2.  I have no idea where I am today.  i feel lighter.  I’m certainly not bloated like I was anymore.  In fact, all the edema in my body is GONE.  No more painful feet, no more bubble of fluid on the tops of my feet.  My rings slip right on and are comfortable to wear.  It’s craziness to me.  But I’ll enjoy every step.

I took it easy on the eating yesterday.  I tried very hard to sip things slowly and not overdo it.  I’m glad I did.  My side feels a little better and I am definitely less gassy today.  That was horrifically uncomfortable.  I feel like surgery gas has now all absorbed and the rest is treated with Gas-X strips.  I’m no longer distended.  Now I just look like me.

My internal muscles hurt.  I had spasms last night.  I could hardly lay down last night and the night before.  They gave me muscle relaxers for that very thing.  I just could’t understand why that would be an issue.  Turns out it is.  So I used them.  And finally got some much needed rest.  Very happy about that.

Weather here in Denver metro is forecasted to be pretty crappy and wet these next few days…so far its as it promised.  Rainy and gray.  I hope it holds so I can take a walk when I get home, providing I’m not nauseous from the drain removal.  I am ready, mentally, to start pushing my body a bit.  I am feeling very empowered in my health right now and I want to monopolize on it.  Its been a long time since I enjoyed putting on my gym shoes.  Its amazing how much more fun things are when they fit.

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