One foot in front of the other…


Today I managed to walk more than 3 miles.  I thought I might die, but I did it.  One foot in front of the other and the miles started ticking away.  I am going to keep to about 2 miles on most days and move it up to 3-5 miles on the weekend days, when I have more time.  Because, though I’m getting faster, it still takes me time to clock a mile.

Here’s the link to my Garmin info from this morning…GARMIN

I had a really great day afterwards.  Got to take my little girl (not so little anymore — Kenzie is a senior this year) to breakfast at IHOP.  I love that she loves breakfast — especially in the form of chocolate chip pancakes.   Still a kid at heart.  I had scrambled eggs, a bite of bacon, a bit of sausage, a bite of Canadian bacon.  Protein protein protein.  I’ve been terrible about tracking today.  But I’m not going to beat myself up — and today isn’t over anyway.

We came home and I talked to Alison for a bit.  They are in the process of trying to buy a house down in Larkspur.  Which will be perfect for Ali.  But then there’s the work to get the house in order.  I know that pain all too well.  And the expense.

Then I met Julie for lunch and shopping.  We went to Union and I had my favorite salad — warm salmon over this amazing mesh of greens, broiled brussel sprouts, bacon, and this wonderful citrus dressing.  I ate my tiny bit and felt satisfied and full.  It’s still bizarre to me.  I used to put away the entire plate.

Not sure I’ve lost much more — I would expect it to slow down a bit.  On the 9th I had lost 15 pounds — I was 265.  I’ll take any loss, but I only weigh on Mondays lest I drive myself insane.

Had a nice night at Mel’s last night.  I was bored so I went over and hung out with she and Jeff.  Her husband is really funny.  We’ve had rough times over the years (we’re both pretty strong-headed) but in the end, I love him for being such a good husband to my bestie.  I think Mel is having a tougher time with my move than I thought.  It’s easier being in my seat.  I have an adventure to look forward to.  That’s not to say that I don’t have mixed feelings about leaving.  But I have so many tasks to complete and so many things to tend to in the next month that I think it dulls my senses.  She made some “funny” digs last night.  Funny – not funny.  I need to be more attentive to her feelings.  I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of that.


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