SC — again…


So, back to South Carolina I go.  Frank and I have bought a new build in Clover, South Carolina in a development called Paddlers Cove.  It’s ah-mazing.  The trees, the water, the lot.  We fell in love the first day we landed a few weeks ago, reserved a lot, called Frank’s work for permission to move (as a telecommuter he needs permission to relocate more than 50 miles from his current address), received permission and then proceeded to purchase a home to put on the lot.  It literally happened that quickly.  And we’ve barely looked back.

The Carolina’s has been an idea we’ve toyed with over the last few years.  We came last year to visit Hilton Head and realized we didn’t want to live on the coast.  We came this year to check out the Charlotte area, and we enjoyed the North Carolina side, but just 30 miles south (or less) is South Carolina and things are much cheaper on this side of things.  Better taxes, lower gas prices, lower housing prices.

The house we purchased is called the Hopewell by Fielding Homes (click “Hopewell” to take a 3D tour).  It’s lovely.  And compared to Denver prices, it’s a steal.

The hardest part will be that Jacob won’t be joining us.  He’s almost 20, has a great job, has established friendships, he just loves living in Denver, even though it’s a costly place to start out on life.  I will miss my boy, but he’ll visit for Christmas, and I’ll come back to see him as well.

On the brightside — Kenzie will be with us, finishing high school online and heading to trade school to be an esthetician and she will have an easier time getting her bearings when it’s time for her to stretch her wings and fly the coup.

We are listing our sweet home in Castle Rock in early August.  We’ve put so much work into it — but it’s time.  It will make a wonderful family home for a new family.  I hope they love what we have done as much as we do.  It sure has come a long way from the vanilla house it was when we bought it 15 years ago.

I’m back in Charlotte this weekend, in and out to pick our interior options tomorrow — then back home to doctor’s appointments to prepare for surgery.  So much going on in such a short time.  But all exciting — the doorway to a new future for me and for my family.  Never dull…that’s for sure.

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