All that for this…


So 16 vials of blood later and it turns out I am am vitamin D3 deficient.  I have a friend, Laurie, who has been on me for years to take vitamin D.  And I have from time to time taken it, but not consistent enough to make a lasting impact.  And now, the choice is not mine.  I will be taking this particular supplement for the rest of my life, which is just fine by me.  It’s a small price to pay.  It could have been much worse.  They could’ve cancelled my surgery.  The DS (“Switch”) procedure that I’m having leaves you somewhat malnourished and I already had a regimen I was going to have to abide by, I’m just adding this vitamin early.  I feel pretty good overall that after all that blood work and all those tests this was the only serious finding.

I am now 25 days away from surgery.  I’ve been studying my binder more regularly — it has more meaning to me now.  I’m a little nervous.  Not for the surgery really, but for the lifestyle change.  Always having been an emotional eater, I’m nervous to how I’ll handle emotional things now.  I suspect counseling is in my future, especially as things arise.  I’m good with that.

I am prepared, overall.  I feel good about my decision.  Happy I have come so far.  I am ready for the change, for the work, for the new relationship with my food.  I never thought I’d arrive here.  It feels so long since I started this journey.  I look forward to a new beginning.  I am ready.

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