Working to create new habits and shed some old ones.  One of the hardest for me is actually to NOT drink water while I eat.  I was never very conscious of the fact that I literally was down my food, but I do.  One of the medications I take, Vyvanse actually makes my mouth pretty dry on a regular basis and I find that when I don’t drink while eating I feel like the food is going to get caught in my throat.  Now, it might help if I took smaller bites and chewed much longer, which I’m working on, but still, it feels weird not to drink and eat.

I’ve been slacking on exercise.  Work was stressful last week, and I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but still, no reason to sit on my butt.  My knee is in good shape, I’m capable, I’ve just felt really lazy.  I think part of it is fear.  I have my 2nd WL class next Friday, April 7th and I’m hoping to have lost some weight.  If you’d have asked me last week, I would have confidently told you I had it in the bag, but after this week?  I’m not quite so sure.  So, back on the wagon…at least I’ve learned nothing is absolutely fatal.  As long as I get back up and move forward things will be okay.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of this.

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