Off the Rails…

off the rails

I have gone seriously off the rails the last few days and I’m super disappointed in myself.  Of course I know this isn’t going to be a perfect journey, it’s just I was being so consistent.   I haven’t walked since last week — and yes, it was a busy and crazy stressful week, but still.  And this weekend, I literally ate things if they weren’t nailed down.  Total binge-mode.  Now, the scale has been nice to me.  I didn’t gain, I just didn’t lose either.  So, today, I’m back to it.  Restarting Whole 30 and moving.

I guess that’s the silver lining.  I am willing to get back on the horse.  I know what the end goal is and that’s to be healthy.  It’s not like post-surgery I’m not going to have rough or stressful days.  For pete’s sake, they’ll probably feel more stressful at first since I will no longer be able to turn to food.  I’m going to need some counseling I think to readjust my brain.  Because the stress we had in our house yesterday…exercise rather than eat…Ha!!!  Just not the first thing I go to, but I’m going to have to learn to lean towards that as my solution.  Or writing, or coloring, or something…something besides eating.  Sheesh.

So today, I’m back at it.  I’m update again in a day or two once I have my bearings.

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