WL Class #2…


Well, I successfully had my 2nd of three weight loss classes last Friday.  One more and a “binder” class (where they go through the binder you are given at your first appointment) and I can be submitted to insurance for full approval!  That’s when I’ll get my surgery date.  If all goes well, I anticipate it will be in early June.  Fingers crossed.

Class was good.  We talked about what it takes to make a change.  All the phases and steps that go into adopting a new habit.  One that sticks anyhow.  Pretty interesting stuff actually.

I lost 4 pounds between my last class and this one.  Which isn’t amazing, but it’s good.  My doc only suggested I needed to lose 2 pounds each month.  I’m not so heavy that I pose a surgical danger apparently.

There are days I waiver.  Some days I’m totally committed to surgery.  There are some days I think, “I don’t need surgery…I can totally do this on my own.”  Then I look at all the years and all the attempts and all the weight gain that comes back.  I cannot.  I need help.  And I’m thankful I’m getting it.

On another bright note…Frank and I have decided to sell our house post-surgery.  in August. I am finally getting my dream home.  The Richmond American Seth.  I can’t express how excited I am.  It’s crazy.  I feel so very lucky!  I know it’s counter-intuitive to buy a larger house when the kiddos are leaving, but to have the room, the kitchen of my dreams…we’re finally at a point where we can comfortably afford to do it.  I am so blessed.  And I am thankful for a husband who supports my, and our, dreams.

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