Weigh in…


So today is the day I attend my first of three weight loss classes.  Weigh-in time.  I’m feeling apprehension because I know that this one counts.  For the records, for the insurance.  I’m better than I was January 1st, but from here on out I cannot gain.  My goal is literally only two pounds a month — right — 2, but for some reason that feels like a lot today.

The class is very goal oriented, which is great.  I have a lot to work on in preparation for life post-surgery.  I’ve already started moving again — and more and taking some breaks while eating.

It’s funny, when I take eating breaks (as in put my fork down in between bites) I get bored with the process and push my food away.  I’m just not that hungry.  I am a wolf-er.  I inhale my food — always have.  Something to get through quickly.  But in doing that, I totally over consume.  I’m always done before everyone else, which is so painfully obvious to me when I’m in company of others.  I hate feeling self-conscious.  So I’m always amazed at how little I really need to feel satisfied.

Those are my continued goals for the month — eat slowly and move a lot.  I’d say wish me luck, but in my heart I know “I got this”!

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