Back to work(ing out)…

meThat’s me…at 5:45a this morning…having woken at 4:50a to get to it by 5:15a.  It’s the first day since surgery that I’ve been back on the treadmill.  Right now I’m not going for intensity but rather, duration.

With that in mind it was amazing how good things felt.  Rather than being hard on myself for being exhausted the whole workout, I rather enjoyed hitting each marker on the way.  I only did 30 minutes (plus warm up and cool down), but it was a good 30 minutes, exactly where my knee felt comfortable and I didn’t feel like I over did it.

Having seen the exercise physiologist yesterday, I understand how important it is that I use the time in front of me prior to surgery to gear up for what I will need to do after.  They will want me walking/moving 20-30 minutes a day immediately following surgery and I will build up from there.  If I wait until surgery, I guarantee that requirement will be a hell of a lot more difficult to achieve.  So, I’m starting now.  My goal is 300 moderately active minutes a week.  Which is about 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Right now if I hit 1/2 of that I’ll feel successful.  I’m trying to learn how to eat an elephant I guess…a bite at a time.

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