2 appointments down…


Yesterday was hectic, to say the least, but I checked off two “musts” on my journey list.  I saw a shrink (who I really like) and my primary doc (who I adore).

My shrink was great.  We went through my whole history, even the dark and dirty parts, all the way through today.  Our goal was for her to decide if I’m both medication compliant and stable enough emotionally for the surgery.  Going in we figured 2-4 appointments.  We covered a lot of ground, and really; I’m rather therapied-out after a lifetime of visits here and there.  At the end of our time, we both agreed I was good to go with no more meetings.  That was a relief.  No offense, but I’m not touchy feely that way.  Life throws curve balls our way and we have choice in how we deal with them.  For me, I have always left behind the experience and hung on to the lesson.  I am who I am because of my past, but more so because of the decisions I’ve made about it.

Next, I had to visit with my primary doc.  I’d had some chest pain last week, but I think it was more due to my putting in some part-time hours at my former office.  And it’s a big stress ball over there.  Most likely it was anxiety over actually heart pain.  Anyway, Dr. Long wanted me to follow up with an EKG, which I did, and it was a clean bill of heart health from what she could see.  She was so wonderful, so supportive, so excited for me.  I just love her.  I told her I was nervous, and she looked at me, “Shay…you’re a powerhouse.  You got this lady.”  And you know what?  I do.  She’s such a great support — and she’s watched me struggle for years.

So two down – a ton more to go…but I am on my way.  I also took the plunge and signed up for Beachbody on Demand for variety in my workouts.  i’ll have to modify like crazy at first because of my knee, but over time, I think I’ll be thankful for the change of pace.

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