Feeling loved and blessed…


This is how I feel about all my peeps right now.  So many of you have reached out to me to ask how you can support me in my journey.  I am feeling very humbled, very grateful, very loved.  It’s more than I expected and some days I feel completely overwhelmed.  Just know you are loved and appreciated back.  I just don’t have words…

This week is a busy one for me in the way of WL journey.  Lots of appointments.  I go to Porter tomorrow for a full body composition analysys.  Friday I go to WL class #1 and in between I see my knee surgeon.  Next week I see Dr. Long’s shrink and dietician.  Things are rolling right along.

This week I’m focusing on getting back to clean eating.  It was funny.  Kenzie and I ate out with my brother and SIL yesterday and he said he’d have a “bucket list” of foods to be eating before he literally, physically could not indulge in them anymore.  I’ve really been thinking about that.  I don’t think I do.  I don’t have dishes that I crave that won’t make me sick (I’d love lasagna, I’d love pizza — can’t do the dairy).  What I’m more interested in is getting healthy.  I had a burger and fries yesterday.  Not exactly Whole30 — not exactly clean — it was a lazy choice when I was feeling tired.  I’m done with that — I’m back to planning what I eat in advance and making healthier choices.  I don’t think surgery is a miracle cure.  I believe it will be hard work.  Perhaps the hardest work I’ve ever done.  And that work may as well start now so I don’t feel as overwhelmed when the time for surgery arrives.

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