Feeling empowered…


I have a crazy busy day ahead…I didn’t get a ton of sleep…but still, I rise feeling empowered.  My word for 2017.  I am in the driver’s seat.  Today I begin a series of appointments that will move me towards WL surgery.  It somehow makes things seem more real…more concrete.  It doesn’t make me nervous.  It makes me excited for what the future holds.

I’ve never been one to put my future on hold because I’m overweight.  But there are things I am limited from doing because of it.  That I haven’t liked one bit.  I am looking forward to some new-found freedoms.  I know the road is long between now and then, but I’m on the path taking a step at a time, and I feel hopeful.

Kenzie has offered to be my workout partner.  That is so fun.  I love spending time with my girl, and doing so in pursuit of health will only make us that much closer.  We went the other night to buy her some workout clothes, today we’ll buy her new fitness shoes in between appointments.

As for me…the weather is scheduled to be beautiful this weekend…and I will find a way to get out there and take advantage of it.  My knee is markedly better and I am ready to start using it more assertively.  And by assertively, I mean walking consistently.  I love when the weather is good enough to take it outside.

Like I said, today is cra-zy.  I have 8am PT followed by 10a with a shrink to make sure I’m of the right mind/medication to handle the stress of the surgery.  Then I have a 1:50p appointment with my primary doc to figure out the chest pains from last week.  Pretty sure it was an anxiety attack since I picked up some hours at my former company and the stress I left behind was waiting for me there.  But it’s good to rule out other issues since heart runs in my family.

It’s funny.  I love my doc.  So much that I hate going to see her in my current condition.  Tipping the scale at near my heaviest.  I know she’s my doc, but we’ve talked so many times about me losing weight and getting in line with my health that I feel like I failed her.  Bizarre, I know.  It’ll be good to see her and chat about my decision and the road ahead.  She’ll be my biggest cheerleader — and that will make me feel even more empowered!


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