one more day…


The last day of Whole30 month 1!  I am so happy to be at this end of the month.  I’ve definitely had ups and downs this first month.  Started out strong…too strong apparently and wound up reinjuring my knee.  That recovery is taking a little more out of me than I expected.  Then again it hasn’t even been two weeks since surgery.  Patience…I’m working on it.  Eating has been good.  I would say 97% on plan.  Which is great!  I know Whole30 preaches 100% for the 30 days, but I intend to adopt this for my lifestyle and really, 80/20 is good with that approach I think so 97% is batting it out of the park.  During recovery I had one turkey sandwich, which included a roll — bread — it was okay, but I didn’t find that I was excited or not – either way.  It was meh.  Probably because I was still feeling the effects of anesthesia.  I’ve had a few small jello cups and one chicken soup with rice.  The rest of the month has been Whole30 all the way.  I get to weigh and measure tomorrow, though I’m not holding my breath for big results.  Any results in the right direction will make me feel good.  All progress is good progress…baby steps.

I started PT this week.  Simple exercises…lots of work ahead I think.  But, in the end, I am able to walk short distances crutch-free.  I see the doc on Friday and I’m hoping to be stitch-free after that appointment.  So far, the healing process looks good.

I am excited to be getting back to work and moving more in the next month.  Being couped up is not my strong suit.  That’s for sure.  And poor Frank.  I think he’s definitely suffering along side of me.  He’s such a good egg.

I am happy to be in such a good place.  I still feel very empowered.  That is my word for the year.  I am excited to see all that lies ahead and participate fully.  Now that my cravings and sugar addiction is under some control I look forward to healing more and seeing what my body will be able to do throughout the year.  To hit some milestones along the way and celebrate as I hit them.  I’ll update tomorrow with new stats!

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