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Today’s day 30.  I made it.  Sitting on my butt most of the month, but eating healthier for sure.  And the results are in.  They are not grand, but I have lost 6.6 pounds officially this month.  I am down to 279.  I broke into the 70’s.  I’m happy about that.  I haven’t measured myself, it’s difficult to stand that long, and quite frankly there wouldn’t be much in the way of changes anyway.    I just haven’t been that active.  And that’s okay.  It wasn’t my month for that — and it allowed me to get my eating under control.

Now, I’m still night snacking.  Mostly out of boredom…and I am super bored for sure.  This month I will work on that.  I’d like to cut off eating by 7:00p.  And if I’m hungry, truly hungry after 7p, I will grab an orange or an apple.  Give my body something to do that won’t cost me a lot of calories.  And move more.  Soon I’ll be able to manage going down and up stairs again and I can at least continue upper body workouts while I continue in PT for my lower body.  I would like to tighten some things up this month! 🙂  So that’s the new plan.  Oh, and continuing to eat whole foods that are as clean as possible.  I’m not ready to reintegrate yet.  I feel good eating this way and it’s not a burden to me.  And Frank eats mostly this way as well.  So we’re all good.  I appreciate all the support I have received from friends and family.  It’s felt like a much slower road so cheering me on helped a lot.  I appreciate it.

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