So today is a big day.  I got to take the dressings off my surgical site.  Unwrap the old knee.  Relief, let me tell you!  That wrap was more like a binding.  Especially in the back of the knee.  Anyway — today I unwrapped expecting what you might normally expect.  Swelling.  But really, there’s hardly any.  Not on my knee, and not down on my foot.  Not just a normal amount of “not” swelling from keeping my leg elevated for the most part, but it’s more than that.  I attribute it to eating Whole30.  The entire eating plan is an anti-inflammatory.  And WOW, am I impressed that it has worked so well.  To contrast, the surgery I had on my shin last year required 4+ months for all the swelling to leave my foot and ankle.  Same thing.  I’d kept it elevated and iced the whole time.  This is so different and I’m so dang glad.  Swelling = discomfort and I’ve got enough of that to deal with already.

I’m still taking it easy.  I’m laying around, bored out of my mind.  But I’m behaving.  Allowing Frank to serve me throughout the day, which I know makes him feel better and really it’s helping me as well.  I need to learn to take it easy a little.  I think that’s the lesson I’ll take from this experience.  Not to dive in 150% upfront.  I’ve changed my “running” app to a “walking” app on my phone so that when I’m ready I can actually ease in.  For real.  Not my version of easing in.  I think that will be a good thing.

I’m on Day 23 of Whole30.  7 more days until I can weigh and measure.  I’m not expecting a miracle.  I know this is a bump in the road.  But I feel really good.  Really healthy.  Really positive.  Really in control.  I’m in a good place an on the right track.  And I’m going to keep on going…I’m in for the long haul.


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