The other side of surgery…

so, it’s late.  The night after surgery and I’m waiting on my regularly scheduled pain-killer dose.  It’s been a long day and I figured I would be more tired.  The body and brains are funny things.

We arrived at the hospital bright and early (6:30a) and got signed in.  I went back about 7:30a and was pretty well prepped and ready to go by 7:50a.  They took me back around 8:00a and I no sooner did I get moved over to the operating table than my anesthesiologist says, “let’s get these mimosas on board.”  I knew I liked him right away…and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up in recovery shaking like a leaf.  Why must they keep that area at subzero temps?

Frank came back to see me soon after.  He had chatted with Dr. G.  Looks like my knee was pretty messed up.  SeverL areas of torn meniscus AND a meniscus root tear.  No fun at all.  All is now repaired, but the root tear took a little bit.  And that’s the part that is aching tonight.  The front of my shin where they attached the “button” to hold the wires they passed from the sutures on the root, through the small holes he drilled in my shin to that button.  Not pleasant.  It will also require a longer healing time, but, in the end should offer me the relief I was seeking.

On another note, I did get weighed today.  I won’t share to results here other than to say I was feeling pretty good considering I’ve been on my butt pretty much since January 2nd with only eating on plan.  So far so good!  And I’ll take it.

Thank you for all those who have prayed on my behalf, reached out through FB, texts and visits today.  All have been appreciated.  I am very thankful for my tribe tonight!

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