I need a new birthday activity…


So, I met with my knee surgeon today.  Torn cartilage, which I expected.  What I didn’t expect was that I may have also torn the cartilage “root”.  Where the cartilage begins and attaches behind the knee.  Though still outpatient surgery, it’s a little more involved, as is the healing time and process.  Ugh.  Let me tell you how unexcited I am.  On the other hand, I feel blessed it isn’t my ACL or something worse.  My arthritis looks about like it always does.

Being in the office today made Frank and I realize that I have literally spent the last three birthdays laid up, with surgery.  Seriously.  2015 — cartilage tear, same knee.  Last year, I took a spill down the stairs and wound up with a nasty blood clot that needed to be removed.  This year, the knee — again.  Sheesh.  A trip to Mexico would be both more cost effective, and certainly more fun.  I think I’ll plan on that for 2018.

Anyway, surgery is scheduled for 8am on Thursday.  First case of the morning, which makes me happy.  I love Dr. Garramone.  He’s a wonderful man, and a great surgeon, but I still prefer my surgeons to be fresh and first thing in the AM help me feel like that’s what I’m getting!

On another note, eating is going well.  Today was a good day.  I felt good and energetic, even though I haven’t been sleeping so well because of my leg.  No cravings or struggles in the food department.  Overall, a good day.

Tonight was my church small group meeting.  There’s five couples, me and another gentleman who’s wife is sitting out for now.  So, all told, there’s twelve of us who meet weekly and I have grown to love this group.  These people are my tribe.  We sometimes do formal studies with materials and such, but right now we’re just following our Sunday sermons and we’re studying right out of the Word and sharing our feelings and insights.  I leave on such a high.

I have turned such a corner in my faith journey just these last few weeks and it’s changed my participation level in group.  For the longest time I felt like an observer.  Such a new follower that I didn’t have a voice.  Certainly not because I wasn’t treated like a full member or anything, it was more me, still trying to get my footing.  But I feel like recently I have come full circle and my heart is so full, my faith so big that I am bursting at the seems.  I really look forward to our Tuesday nights.

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