Day 14…


Here’s where I realize this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I’m dying to get on the scale, I’m almost rushing through meals thinking that will make the time go faster.  I feel good, I feel in control of what I’m putting in my body…now I just want to speed along the results.

Normally, this is about where I’d be feeling like throwing in the towel, like a spoiled child who doesn’t get her way.  “Well, what’s the point if I can’t even track my progress…” but I am in it for the long haul.  And two more weeks to weigh in won’t kill me.  I know my progress will be slower than it was perhaps last time since I can’t work out fully.  My knee is just in limbo right now.  It makes me sad.  But not defeated.  Which is a silver lining.  So my progress may be slower.  So my numbers might not come crashing down.  I think overall, maybe this is a good thing.  Not facing yet another surgery, but having something to ground me, and my expectations.  I didn’t get here overnight.  Why in the world do I think I should be free from the damage overnight?  That’s living in an instant gratification world for sure.

It’s time to well, time travel back to a time before cell phones and computers.  Where I actually had to work when I wanted something.  All this get it now, have it now mentality is brutal in something like a weight loss and exercise journey.  There’s just no way to be successful other than good old fashioned time and work.

And I’m ready and willing to put forth the effort, wait out the timeline, and be healthy.  I’m here for the long haul and nothing less will do.

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