Miracle Machine…

My knee has been so swollen it’s uncomfortable to walk, sit, stand, etc.  Melanie had her ACL repaired a few years ago and still had this amazing icing machine.  It literally pumps freezing cold water around the knee.  And it doesn’t quit like an ice pack will.  It’s offered me so much relief already!  So thankful for this machine!  I’m  counting down the days to my MRI and the results.  I just want to move passed this point already.  I need to work on patience.  Not my strong suit.


Eating is going well despite the physical set back.  I’m pleased to say today is day 10 and I’m hitting my stride.  Cravings are pretty much gone and I’m back to eating on a regular schedule.  I’m sleeping better, more awake and alert during the day — just more energy in general.  I am thankful that I decided to start over and that I haven’t let my knee derail my plans entirely.  I may be a bit behind on exercise, but I know that eating well is 80% of the battle.  Exercise can come later.  And it will.

On another note, my heart is feeling full today.  In our church, we are encouraged to join “Journey” groups.  Small groups that gather together on a regular basis to do some sort of spiritual study.  We usually pick a series to work through together that has a combination of a video presentation and some sort of workbook or journal.  On Tuesday nights we come together and we discuss how the week went and any enlightenment we’ve found with our studies.  We’re sort of in between studies right now so we’re focused on Romans 12:1-2 which is the current theme of the congregation.  I have to say, last night was such a great night — everyone shared so much of their heart and spirit.  I felt so filled, gaining new perspective from my friends; sharing what I’ve come to understand as well.  This morning during my quiet time (and I try to take this every morning) I simply asked God to fill me with His will, what would he have me do to celebrate Him in my life.  What would he have me do in someone else’s life.  I felt His presence so strongly, His pleasure at my asking for his guidance.  I didn’t have a “boom” moment — an immediate answer — just a wash-over of peace at asking the question.

I went a step further.  In the church I used to belong to, callings were assigned.  In my church today we are asked to seek after what God would have us do to share our time and talents.  That approach is still so new to me.  But I’ll tell you what, it has brought me so much closer to God.  I have to ask Him to guide me.  To help me understand those talents better and where they would be best used.  Mike  mentioned a spiritual gifts “survey” that would be available on line…so I searched one up today.  It was about 100 questions, kinda like a Myers-Briggs test.  I have enjoyed reading the results.  I’ve pondered and prayed.  I recently asked to serve the high school youth, and was welcomed.  I am thankful for that inclusion because I have such a heart for kids of this age.  But in addition, I have felt a weight that I need to give a little more.  We will be focusing a LOT on prayer this year.  In fact they will be starting short-term women’s groups on prayer.  I’ve submitted to lead one.  I feel a little out of my comfort zone doing this, but I feel the call and the passion to serve other women.  I know God has something to teach me in this capacity so I am going to be obedient.  I look forward to meeting new women and soaking up all they bring to the table.  And I hope to make a safe place for everyone to feel included and share their hearts.  Because where 2 or 3 are gathered…His spirit will be present.

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